"After spending years doing English Pleasure and 4H Hunters, I purchased a neglected, mostly untrained horse and began Eventing lessons with Desiree. She has taught me more in the past four years than I think any trainer has in my whole life of riding. She is a friend and a trainer. She never loses patience and through that, I have gained so much confidence. Without her, I don't believe I would be the "crazy eventer" I am today. She has helped my horse and I build trust, skill, and confidence and that has led us to placings and amazing scores in almost every event we've done together. The things I have learned from Desiree are priceless, and I will carry them with me for the rest of my life."

Nicole Barbye



   "I originally began taking lessons with Desiree to prepare for my NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Assoc.) Instructor Certification.  I was impressed not only by her knowledge, but also because she is an active rider who is serious about her own training. Desiree teaches in a positive manner that helps her students gain confidence in the saddle.  I was especially surprised by how much I learned from her in such a short time.  I continue to take lessons with her to improve my riding skills which helps me to be a better instructor for my students."

Dianne E. Valentine
NARHA Certified Instructor

"My daughter had a new, green/novice horse that she was preparing for the ApHC all - around hunt seat equitation and western horsemanship.  He was making progress but was very nervous in the pen alone. We thought that teaching him dressage would be good preparation and experience since he would be in the pen alone, but the patterns are longer and move along quicker than regular all-around pattern classes, keeping his attention better and his mind more focused.  The problem was the horse didn't know anything about dressage and neither did my daughter!!!!!!!! 

     Through a referral, we asked Desiree to teach Jillian and Leo dressage. After about ten weeks of lessons, Jillian and Leo were scheduled to compete at the NJ State 4-H horse show in multiple events, one of which was Intro to Dressage W/T Test B.  There were about 21 competitors in her class, most of which only perform in the dressage classes, so we were not truly expecting much except a good ride.  They were chosen Grand Champion!!!!

     We can only attest that it was due to Desiree's ability as a teacher, to teach Jillian and Leo the fundamentals of dressage which  would be necessary for them to win!   Thank you Desiree!"

Sheila Fuller

      "I started taking lessons with Desiree Bene approximately 15 years ago as a novice rider, with extremely limited riding experience. I have continued taking lessons with Desiree over the years, and I have since become an accomplished rider. Thanks to Desiree’s patience, riding experience, skill and passion, I have become a confident, well-rounded rider and competitor. Whether you are looking to learn to ride for leisure, begin a riding career or improve on existing skills and experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend Desiree’s services.

     I was even lucky enough to have purchased a horse owned and trained by Ms. Bene. Native Laff, an accomplished off-track thoroughbred, and I have successfully competed together at various equestrian shows, including dressage, jumping and cross country events. Desiree is truly an expert instructor for riders of all ages and experience level. I cannot recommend her more highly."

Amanda G. Dorsey


     "I came to Desiree after 6 years of Hunter/Jumper riding. I knew absolutely nothing about eventing, but was willing to learn. After my first lesson, I was hooked, and ready for more. Over the past almost 2 years since I came to Desiree, my riding skills have improved drastically. Her teaching, and training methods are impeccable, and she really knows what she is talking about, and how exactly to ask a horse what to do. Nine months ago I bought my very first horse from her, and he is a dream. I have been taking lessons with her on him, and she works with me on exactly how to handle him. She knows that not all horses and riders are the same, so she tries different, sensible methods, until she finds the one that suits you. Desiree does not yell or scream, she simply explains, and if you do not understand, she will do whatever she can to help you understand. Because of Desiree's flawless teachings, I have competed successfully this summer, winning 2 second places. I have seen a major improvement in my horse, and even he loves her. Desiree is absolutely the best trainer I have ever had, and I look forward to many more years with her. "

Rebbekah Redden


     "My daughter had been riding hunters for 5 years when her trainers suddenly stopped teaching for 
various reasons. I took my time searching and found an ad in the Gloucester County 4H fair ad book.
I contacted Desiree and took my daughter and her friend out for a visit. We loved the way Desiree
talked about riding, her teaching philosophy and her manner with my daughter. We set up a "trial"
lesson. My daughter had never ridden dressage/eventing. She came out of the first lesson with such
a heightened love for the sport and a determination to excel that I hadnt seen before." "Every week she strives harder under Desiree's gentle but strong direction. Compliments are plenty. She never
screams or degrades my daughter. She sees the determination in her and the ability to excel and
uses that as a tool for my daughter to push herself. My daughter leaves her lesson tired and sore but
exhilarated and looks forward to the next lesson. She has learned that she can handle a horse's
attitude with a different set of hands and mind set. I am grateful that Desiree saw something in my
daughter that I knew was there and is working to bring her up to her full potential in a safe and
enjoyable working environment."
Pat Redden


     "I have known Desiree personally for almost twenty years. During this time, I have taken dressage lessons with her intermittently and have found her to be a great teacher, not only improving my dressage skills, but also boosting my confidence in my riding and my horse with every lesson. She has an extensive knowledge of every type of horse and rider. Since she is an accomplished rider herself, she is always able to fix any problem with a horse, big or small, even if it means riding it herself!

     After every lesson with Desiree, I feel like not only have I learned a lot, but I feel good about myself and my riding. My daughter Jordan, an eventer who also takes lessons from Desiree, says "I feel like my riding improves more in one lesson with her than it did in weeks of lessons with previous trainers.
I believe that Desiree is a great instructor, and I would highly recommend her, no matter what age, discipline, or ability level!!!"

Kathleen Bell


"For the past 15 years I have had the pleasure of having Desiree as both my trainer and personal 
friend. Her knowledge and experience is unsurpassed by anyone in the community.

I was first introduced to Desiree when I purchased an off the track thoroughbred. The horse needed
a considerable amount of re-schooling. With Desiree's guidance and under her tutelage my horse and
I went on to compete successfully at the local level.

Currently, Desiree has been assisting me with the training of my 4 year warmblood as well as another
thoroughbred off the track. Her skills as an instructor/trainer have been exceptionally instrumental
in my riding.

I would recommend Desiree to any rider regardless of age, discipline, or level."


Rachael Stillwell



     "Desiree Bene is a wonderful instructor and trainer.  I grew up riding hunters, took many years off for school/career/family, and then got back in to horses as a pleasure/trail rider.  After a while, I wanted to start learning again, and a friend recommended Desiree.  My middle aged stock horse mare was hard to steer, heavy on the forehand, stiff in her neck and body, and set in her ways -- and I had no idea how to ask her to change.  Desiree worked with both of us, and after just a few lessons (and some homework), we are doing so much better.  My mare goes on the bit nicely, bends well, responds to seat aids, and is *much* less resistant."
     "Desiree doesn't hesitate to hop on my horse and get her going right when I am having problems.  If something's not working, she'll come up with another idea, and she's very good at explaining things.  She has very high standards, but she never belittles you, and she's really happy when you finally "get it."  I only wish I'd had such an encouraging, knowledgeable instructor when I was young!" 
Judy Jackson

  "Desiree has proved to be a world-class trainer!  My daughter has had tremendous success based on our short time with her.  Her precise, intense, yet kind and gentle way of training has been so wonderful. It is a joy to watch our daughter progress and learn with each and every lesson.  Her commitment to safety is most important to us, which is something that Desiree firmly believes in.  We are thrilled to be with Desiree and “Star” and hope to spend many more lessons at Full Circle Farm!"            

  Cibele Moule


     "I  have been taking lessons with Desiree for about 2 years and I would highly recommend her for any riding discipline.  She  always gives 100% and  prioritizes safety for horse & rider.  I am an older adult  and Des teaches us at our pace. She is very generous with her time and I never feel rushed or stupid for any question I  have."


     "Des has a  natural talent for communicating with horses and people. She has a great work ethic and 

 is truly a talented  horse-person.  Des has been teaching for years and she is a very patient and understanding riding instructor whether it be children or adults. She is a good horse trainer and  a great people person, and it is this combination that makes her a successful instructor.  I would highly recommend Des to anyone at any level of riding."


                                                   Clare Connery Ramsay 




     "I came to Desiree 2 years ago and she was a breath of fresh air! She surrounds her farm with great horses and wonderful people. I had a weak dressage background and no experience with eventing, but Desiree's positive, encouraging teaching style has taken me far. I feel like I learn more from her in a single lesson than I have in months with other trainers. She is dedicated to her students and always helpful. If you're having a problem, Desiree always has a trick up her sleeve. She is more than a trainer; she is a great friend and role model. Unfortunately, I have left for this college this fall but I look forward to returning to Desiree this spring. I can't say enough good things about her and would recommend her to riders of any age or experience level"

Shannon Moore


        " Desiree is an excellent teacher and trainer.  We highly recommend her. She took our daughter to a whole new level of riding in just weeks. Our daughter won ribbons her first season and was jumping right away. Desiree's horses are so well trained, friendly, safe and very well kept. It was such a plus to go to a farm that ha a large indoor riding arena especially in the winter."
Stephanie Moore
"Desiree successfully retrained my once difficult mare to become a handy mount in dressage and eventing. She became a happier and willing horse once she understood what was expected of her under Desiree's patient and skilled training. Now I am leasing her to a teenager who is delighted with her and has plans to take her to the local shows this spring." 


 "The horse I am currently riding is one that I purchased from Ms. Bene several years ago as a 2 year old, and she has been training both of us since he turned three. He is a stunning gelding, and he's gentle to both other horses and to people. He is a great mover in dressage, last summer receiving 8's and 9's at local shows. He loves jumping and under Desiree's expert training, our jumping skills as a team have improved greatly this winter. I look forward to stepping up a level in cross country competition this spring with him."

Whether you are a green rider as I was when I started training under Ms. Bene about 5 years ago, or you are a skilled rider, I believe that Desiree offers the best equestrian training in South Jersey."                            



Carolyn Hamilton